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Play with Photoshop!

Play with Photoshop!, a set on Flickr. Enhance the impact of your pictures using History Brush tool in Photoshop! Advertisements

Random Shots

Random Shots, a set on Flickr.

Photowalk: Oct 2011

Photowalk: Oct 2011, a set on Flickr. and here are the clicks from the Photowalk to Ugrasen ki Baoli. Hope you like it. Will be sharing more pics soon.

Photowalk: Ugrasen ki Baoli

Visited the “Ugrasen ki Baoli” in Connaught Place, Delhi for a small photowalk! Quite a secluded place, it has become quite unpopular with time, today visited by only school students, teenagers and few people who know about it. The place provides some nice opportunity to practice some nice photography tricks you might have learnt. Got … Continue reading

Beautiful Landscapes

My.First.Pic Photography’s photostream on Flickr. Obsessed with Colors

MyFirstPic’s Photography photostream

My.First.Pic Photography’s photostream on Flickr. Monochrome World!

Photographic Composition: Rule of Thirds, Framing, Leading Lines, Horizons..

‘Composition‘ is about arranging the elements of a scene to convey information simply or to evoke a mood or emotion. Every photographer, whether amateur or professional, has his/her own way of composing a particular picture/scene. But there are some rules which will definitely help you take well-balanced and interesting shots. While composing some of the … Continue reading

Beginner’s Guide: Part 3 (Which SLR Accessories to buy?)

DSLR Camera & Lens Accessories Now that you have decided to go for a DSLR, the next question that arises is what all accessories are essential to maintain your SLR in good condition and help you take proper care of your camera. We, at MyFirstPic, have tried to list most of the accessories that are … Continue reading

Beginner’s Guide: Part 2 (Which DSLR Lens to buy?)

Buying a DSLR and confused about Lenses?? We can help you!! When you see all those beautiful pictures on websites, blogs and even those which have been posted by your friends on Facebook, you tend to stop by and give it a thought. How come these pictures are so beautiful and perfect? Is my friend … Continue reading

Beginner’s Guide: Part 1 (DSLRs vs. Point ‘n’ Shoot)

We, at MyFirstPic own a few DSLRs and point and shoot cameras, which enable us to answer an oft repeated question: “Should we buy a point and shoot camera or a DSLR?”. Well, the answer is not straight! It is rather tweaked in your favour of decision making. Though it does have technical undertones, but it … Continue reading